Wisconsin Muzzle Loading Association

​"To Preserve and Promote Muzzleloading Heritage"

WMLA Abbreviated Meeting Minutes April 24th, 2021 Annual Meeting

Triangle Sportsmen’s Club-East Troy

Meeting called to order around 12:20pm by vice president Gary Lang. Quorum was met-21 members present
Secretaries report-Report was read by Norman Hotz.
Treasury Report-Scott Thulien submitted and read the report.

New Business-Getting passed over today due to length of meeting and awards

Quarterly meeting Locations-looking to move July meeting to June 2021(July is a busy month for all outdoor happenings to meet-conflictive) and need location-Seeking another location for October 2021 meeting

Shooting Standards-Rick Hotz Handed out Awards for the Team/Phil Siehr Annual 3 Person Shoot-6 teams and a couple individual shooters.
-Then he handout all yearly sanctioned shoot awards

*Elections will be held for Secretary and President board positions at next quarterly meeting-Also Jim Meili needs a web design replacement and Chuck Baum is looking for someone to take on the Muzzleloader safety Program.

Mentioned by Jerry Gosda to utilize Wisconsin Outdoor News as an avenue to advertise meetings and our organization.

“Open Season” Official title of the Sportsmen's Show-Dwight Claggett spoke of a great turnout at the Kalahari-tons of people-He thanked all who helped:Chuck Baum,Ed Lange, Charlie Brown, Jerry Gosda, Scott Thulien and Jon Erdmann. Dwight liked our location at this facility-parking was easier and cheaper.

Outdoor skills- Clement Ash hasn’t heard much due to covid the MOHEE 2021 has been cancelled-MOHEE is being scheduled for May 18-19th, 2022-we will need volunteers.

Publications-Chris Thulien sent a report read by Scott Thulien
Memberships-Verbal report by Charlie Brown-Looking to transition this over Position to Mrs.

Merchandise-Same merchandise available-nothing new

Web Page-Jim Meili submitted report-Domain is paid until May 2023,Website builder paid until March 2022.

Looking to pass this position on, as Jim has done this duty for 12 years!

Wildlife Federation-Charlie Brown spoke-George Meyer is Retiring-New leader with 51 candidates is Mark Labarbara-MOHEE staff will be changing due to Marks new role.

Muzzleloader Safety- Chuck Baum spoke about the turmoil of this position-Joe Lacenski was writing a new manual going to print. Spring hunter Ed class at Waunakee had only 25 youth-normally 50. Joe Lacenski is running a Fall Muzzleloader Class.

● Avenues for youth encouragement is:Boy Scouts-Scott Johnson,NRA trainer-Don Ascher, and the 4H program. 4H seems to be the most hopeful program but on pause-covid

New source for Blackpowder-Precision Pyrotechnics found at Middleton Gun Show-Spectra is out of business

Motion to put a free business card ad in BSML for Precision Pyrotechnics Supply LLC was made by Chuck Baum,2nd Rick Hotz,motion passed

Hunting-Harley Whitt submitted two reports-Handed out last years awards/pins and Jerry Gosda bumped into 4th place on the alltime turkey list. Harley also handed out the sweetest shot award to Nikki Batayias

Motion to adjourn 2:05pm made by Lori Lang and 2nd by everyone!