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​"To Preserve and Promote Muzzleloading Heritage"

A Message from the Association President

​Presidents Message 
January 15, 2018
I am starting this a little early. Got something to say. I had VP Mark Conklin do my column last issue due to cancer and cancer meds. I lost two weeks of my life and that ain’t fun. I spent 1/4 of 2018 in the hospital. I was on three cancer drugs, Opdivo, Nexavar, Steivarta. The Steivarta really beat the hell out of me. I am now on Agrace Hospice Care and doing a lot better. I am going to try to get back to shooting. Enough about my troubles over the last year and a half.
In 2018 got us in partnership with a cancer program and raised $850.00 for Justice for a Cure through a rifle shoot held at Hope Gun Club in McFarland. The set of photos from the cancer shoot are going to get framed.
As I said before, I am not running for office of president and have no recommendations for the position. 
At the January meeting we talked about getting black powder from a company in Columbus, WI and need more info at this time. 
In May we will be doing demonstrations at the MOHEE Expo at the McKenzie Center in Poynette. Since we don’t have enough volunteers from WMLA I have asked for outside help for 6 volunteers. I asked Joan Kamholz with Justice for a Cure for some help through JFAC.
The people that are on the WMLA board need to encourage members to stay with the organization as we need their expertise. Several people have asked about reprinting articles from older Badger State publications to renew interest. There are some old articles that I think would be good to pass along.
Enough said. Good luck shooting & be safe.
Don Ellis

Wisconsin Muzzzle Loading Association, Inc.
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Phone:     +1.6085767779
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                                                                 Secretary's Reports      
WMLA Quarterly Meeting:
WMLA met for the quarterly meeting on January 13, 2018. 
President Don Ellis called the meeting to order.
During the meeting:
Approved the Secretary Report
Approved the Treasurer Report.  
Had presentation from Joan Kamholz of Justice For A Cure regarding a “Shoot the Hell Out of Cancer” muzzle loading event.
Discussed our booths at Echoes of the Past Trade Faire in Oshkosh in February, and at the Deer and Turkey Expo in Madison in April. Additional people needed for the Midwest Outdoor Education Days in May in Poynette.
Modified the Big Game Entry application to include submitting a picture of the muzzleloader used in the harvest.
Badger State Muzzleloader Publication deadline for the Spring issue is February 15th. 
The Phil Siehr Memorial Team Shoot and our Annual Meeting will be Saturday, April 21st at the Hope Gun Club.

Vice President and Treasurer positions are up for election.

Lunch is provided. 
Respectfully submitted by
Lori Lang, Secretary


WMLA met for the Annual meeting on April 21, 2018. 
President Don Ellis called the meeting to order.
During the meeting:
Approved the Secretary Report
Approved the Treasurer Report.  
Chuck Baum is considering another Muzzleloader Class this fall.
2017 Big Game Awards: Gary Marciniak 1st place White Tail Deer, Ed Lange 1st place Predator.
Postal Match: two targets will appear at the same time in the magazine.
Looking for a club to host the 2019 Team Shoot.
Set-up for the MOHEE event will be on Tuesday, students will be there Wednesday and Thursday. 
Badger State Muzzleloader Publication deadline for the Summer issue is May 15th. 
Carolyn Brown was re-elected as Treasurer, Mark Conklin was re-elected as Vice President.  

Respectfully submitted by
Lori Lang, Secretary


WMLA met for the quarterly meeting on July 7, 2018 in Deerfield, WI.
President Ellis called the meeting to order. Quorum was met.
During the meeting:
⦁ Approved the Secretary's Report
⦁ Approved the Treasurer's Report
⦁ New Publication Deadlines: Beginning with the Winter 2018 Issue of the Badger State Muzzleloader, the new deadline will be the 1st of the month prior to publication:
 November 1st for December Winter Issue
 February 1st for March Spring Issue
 May 1st for the June Summer Issue
 August 1st for the September Fall Issue
⦁ Joan Kamholz from Justice for a Cure presented us with a collage poster made of photos taken at the May 'Shoot the Hell Out of Cancer' muzzleloading event at Hope Gun Club; along with her thanks and appreciation. She is looking forward to plans for another event with us in 2019.
⦁ Our next meeting will be Saturday, October 6th from 10:00 a.m to 12 noon at the Fox Valley Muzzleloader Club, during the Capote Classic Rendezvous.
⦁ MOHEE Event was a success, they would like us to increase our displays and activities for 2019.
Respectfully submitted,
Lori Lang, WMLA Secretary

WMLA met for the quarterly meeting on October 6, 2018 in New London, WI.
Vice-President Mark Conklin called the meeting to order. Quorum was met.
During the meeting:
⦁ Approved the Secretary's Report
⦁ Approved the Treasurer's Report
⦁ Discussed revamping the Membership Application. Samples will be available at the January meeting.
⦁ Announced the change of date for the 2019 Deer and Turkey Expo in Madison. It will be held March 29 - 31.
⦁ Board members present voted on a dues increase, this will be brought to the Membership at the Annual Meeting for a final vote.
⦁ Our next meeting will be Saturday, January 12th in Deerfield, WI.
⦁ Set the date for the Annual Meeting; Saturday, April 27th. Location to be determined.
Respectfully submitted,
Lori Lang, WMLA Secretary

WMLA quarterly meeting highlights;
Meeting was held on January 12, 2019, in Deerfield, WI, at 10:00 till 2:30.
President, Don Ellis called the meeting to order and presided over the quorum.
During the meeting:
Approved Secretary’s Minutes
Approved Treasure’s Report
Revised Membership application was reviewed and minor edits will be made to content for clarification and additional pricing will be gathered. Final review and vote will be at the WMLA annual meeting. 
The Membership application also included a second reading of the individual membership increase from the current $20.00 per year to $25.00 per year. No other membership fees will be changed.  The final reading and final vote will be held at theApril annual meeting.  
 2019 WI Deer and Turkey Expo discussion was led by Dwight Claggett. Set up will be on Friday, March 29th. Dwight will be coordinating this event and could use participates in the booth and outside in the Rendezvous Encampment. 
Discussion was held on what muzzle loader ignition systems can be used on what sanctioned targets and what club Ranger Officer’s authority. Rick Hotz will be reviewing documents and bring recommendations back to the WMLA for review at the annual meeting.
WMLA Annual Meeting will be held at Hope Rod and Gun Club on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. Hope will host the event with food, etc. The Rock River Buckskinners and Beloit Rifle will manage the shoot. The 3 Man Shoot will consist of the traditional: 25 Yard Flintlock, 25 yard 6 Bull and 50 Yard Offhand. More details to come.
Next meeting will be the WMLA Annual April Meeting to be held at Hope Rod and Gun Club in McFarland, WI. The meeting will start promptly at 12:00 with a working lunch. We will be electing a President and Secretary. These are 2 year terms.
Respectfully submitted,
Mark A. Conklin
WMLA Vice President/Merchandise Chairperson

Abridged minutes from Quarterly Meeting on January 25th, 2020
Triangle Sportsmen’s Club, East Troy WI
Meeting started 10 am, 11 members were present, Quorum was met Secretary, Treasury, and committee reports all were accepted as read
Vice President position is still open-Looking for a good nomination
Working on Non Profit status to save money on the Badger state Muzzle loading postage.
If you would like an immediate copy of the Badger State Muzzle Loader magazine, contact Chris Thulien via email. We are looking to save money and create a list to send via email.
• •
Gary Lang had 15 youth 4H members sign up for muzzle loading

• Upcoming events:
o Echoes of the Past (Feb 22-23)
o Deer and Turkey Expo (April 3-5)o Phil Siehr team shoot(April 18th)o Pike River Rendezvous (?)
o Kicking Bear Ministries (Summer)o WTA Bow Jam (April 18-19th)
o MOHEE (May 20-21)-Need some members to help with the Tomahawk stations (MOHEE wants one on one this year with the children). Please contact Mark Conklin
• DNR is looking at a 19-day rifle hunt for deer-This idea may infringe on the muzzleloader season-To express concern or to stay informed on the issue watch the CDAC or County Deer Advisory Council/Committee, each County manages the deer herd within the DNR’s guidance.

 Submitted by: Secretary Norman Hotz