Wisconsin Muzzle Loading Association

​"To Preserve and Promote Muzzleloading Heritage"

Greetings WMLA Directors
My apologies for the lateness of this cancellation notice. However, I really wanted to hold this meeting and just couldn't make it work. I have a medical procedure, annual Colonoscopy and Endoscopy, on Monday, January 25th. I found out that, due to COVID-19, I must that a COVID Test on the Thursday before and then self quarantine. Well, the current WMLA By-Laws do not specifically address call ins or other electronic methods as acceptable communication methods for establishment of a quorum. So, Gary and I discussed the situation and thought, again, with an abundance of caution, not only the COVID, but winter travel, that the meeting would be cancelled. 
However, there a couple events that I want to keep you informed of:
1) Rock River Buckskinners, in collaboration with Beloit Rifle Club, is having a shoot on Sunday, January 17th. All COVID recommendations are being followed. Contact Harley Whitt, 608-921-1542, or Charlie Brown, 608-290-2978, email: brown.charlie1942@gmail.com. Notice: Charlie has a new telephone # and email address.  RRBS, with Beloit's assistance, put on a nice shoot. Hope you can join us.
2) The Deer and Turkey Expo is now called the "Open Season Sportsman's Expo". The dates are Friday, March 26th - 28, 2021. The location and hours are still the same. Dwight Claggett is coordinating this event and will have more details soon. If you want to get more information, you can go to: openseasonsportsmanexpo.comand scroll down to Wisconsin. Dwight will need plenty of help, as last year the WMLA booth space was moved to the New Holland  Center with twice the booth size.
3) The WMLA Spring Annual Mting and 3Person Phil Siehr Shoot will be held on Saturday, April 24th, 2021, at the Triangle Sportsman's Club in East Troy, WI. Rick Hotz is coordinating this event. More information will be coming soon. Contact Rick at 262-441-8070. The WMLA Mting will be held after the shooting event. Get those 3 Person Teams together now.
Finally, just a quick recap of those events that have been cancelled for 2021:
1) American Heritage 
2) Echoes of Past
3) Kalamazoo
Thank you very much for your time and support of the WMLA. I'll be in touch with more details on future events. Please contact Dwight and Rick if you can provide assistance. I'm sure they would be extremely appreciative. 

Your humble servant:
Mark A. Conklin
Black Irish
WMLA President/Merchandise Chairperson

Abridged Minutes
WMLA Meeting October 3rd, 2020 At Fox Valley

 Meeting came to order at 10AM
 12 members present-Quorum was met
 Big thank you to Ernie Boyd for the use of his fly-Meeting was outside, sheltered
us from rain.

Pledge of Allegiance
Secretaries report was accepted as read
Treasurer’s report was accepted as read by Charlie Brown on Carolyn’s behalf
Mark Conklin Spoke about the importance of having a full board for the club
legalities-TIN number,Non profit status, taxes and by-law responsibilities
Nominations for Vice Presidency-Gary Lang and Dwight Claggett
Vote (Paper ballot) was held
Gary Lang won and will be the new Vice President
Nominations for Treasury position was held to replace Carolyn Brown on behalf of her passing
 Scott Thulien was nominated
Scott Thulien accepted Treasury position-Scott Thulien is the new Treasurer
WMLA is seeking Quarterly Meeting Locations
Phil Siehr Team Shoot and Annual Meeting will be held at Triangle Sportsmens Club-April 24th, 2021
Mark Conklin wanted to get a table at Spring Valley Lodges
American Living History Show Kane County Fairgrounds, 525 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles, IL 60174
January 16th-17th, 2021, $50.00 per table
Motion was made to allow Mark to pay for a table with WMLA funds-Motion carried-one member abstained
MOHEE event scheduled for May 19th-20th, 2021
Members are needed to help run the event-Tomahawk station, bullet making, displays, etc
WTA to demonstrate Atlatl! And traditional archery

Deer and Turkey Expo is happening date TBA-Will be held in the other building with a canoe display
BSML publication is in need of Cover page artwork
Memberships-21 new members
Scott Thulien will be helping Charlie Brown with this position-WMLA Board wants to keep this position separate
Seeking nominations at the annual meeting

Merchandise-Status Quo
Website-Report submitted
Hunting-report submitted
2019 awards were handed out
3 new entries for 2020 spring turkey
Shooting Standards and Safety-report was submitted
Motion to Adjourn-Motion carried