Wisconsin Muzzle Loading Association

​"To Preserve and Promote Muzzleloading Heritage"

​Abridged Annual WMLA Meeting
Beloit Black Powder Lodge
April 23rd, 2022
Meeting called to order 12:15PM

*Annual Team Shoot-Handed out Awards- 5 Three person teams were present and one individual shooter.

President's Comments
Mark Conklin Thanks Beloit Club for hosting and Rick Hotz for preparing the food. They did a fantastic job, and it was much appreciated.

Open Season Event
Conversation on the Traditions “Firestick”-”Why do you care what people hunt with?”

DNR Guest Warden-Warden Kyle Thompson
His input  was very helpful as many difficult questions were asked and answered.

Secretary Report
Norm Hotz was present and read the report- Motion to accept as read- John Roesser, 2nd Russ Hotz-Motion Carried

Treasury Report
Scott Thulien submitted report read by Mark Conklin

Sandi Swanson made a motion to send Sanctioned shoot monies directly to the treasurer with a copy of the shoot accounting sent to treasurer and Shooting Standards-Motion Carried no abstention

Shooting Standards
Yearly Awards were handed out by Rick Hotz-Many smiles and Grumbles

Hunting Awards
Harley Whitt handed out awards for the predator and big game-Yearly report was submitted

Old Business
Mark Conklin
Article 5 Bylaws Tabled
Article 10-Meeting Format-Informal survey via email was used with the board of directors and any emails President Mark Conklin had saved-Data was not convincing-Only 3 members were willing to use electronic means like Zoom to hold the Summer Meeting.
501C3-Tax status-Status on hold until we have a complete board of directors! The application requires a full board.
Liability Insurance-Jon Erdmann has put us in touch with this information!We also need a full board for this Insurance.

Calendar of Events
Please submit these to Chris Thulien as soon as possible-We are currently updated on the website!

Joe Ash received a Liability waiver which is concerning, he is going to follow up as this may change how involved the children will be-may be just demonstrations-no hands on! Warning Tape around Tables as security.
Revolutionary War Flier- Gary Marciniak will be at this event and representing the WMLA
Fort Atkinson Event-WMLA will be pairing with the WTA
Cantigny Park-Mark Conklin will be representing the WMLA, attempting to collaborate.
Open Season(formerly-Deer and Turkey expo)-Dwight Claggett, Mark Conkin, Gary Marciniak, Jon Erdmann Thank you! The event was a great opportunity, however it was close quarters. Next year more space will be needed-possible small encampment- and black powder safety classes-Picked up 2 new members!

Publications and Website
Chris Thulien submitted a report, by Mark Conklin-

Formatting is Chris’s biggest endeavor-Please do not send Protected documents or PDF files-He CANNOT make changes to these documents!-Please send regular word or excel files. His transition to the website is going well-but definitely will be progressive!

Chuck Baum also mentioned other avenues for website info-Cricket Crosby, Wisconsin Rendezvous-Facebook

Mark Conklin read Rose Conklin’s report-Motion to accept as read-Carried

Mark Conklin showed the new WMLA tumblers$20-Can Also purchase custom WMLA stuff through the American Awards Website!

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
Charlie Brown was present-Our four reps were at the meeting-Charlie was happy to be back in session!

Traditions Firestick was a big topic of concern-This firearm does not follow the definition of a firearm and we as a group are not in favor of the definition being changed! WMLA rejected the topic and was not in favor! Mark Conklin also sent many emails to our membership on this topic-No response was in Favor.

District reports

Royce Curtis-District 3-report was submitted via email-read by Mark conklin
Gary Marciniak-District 5-report was submitted via email-read by Mark Conklin-Many discussions on this report-Wounded warrior-Event Coordinator.

New Business

Scott Arnold was voted as our new VP-Thank you!!!
Scott Thulien was voted to continue his services as Treasurer-Thank you!!!
Charlie Brown is looking for all members who are also members of the National Muzzleloader Association-He needs your # and Expiration for national membership-Please email or contact him
Door prizes were won and handed out!

Meeting adjourned-1st by all,2nd by all-2:15PM​​