Final 2019 W.M.L.A. Big Game Report

Final 2017 W.M.L.A. Big Game Report
Final 2018 W..L.A. Big Game Report

from Harley Whitt
If any association members have harvested game and have photos we would like to see them on the site.
Remember to send your info to Harley Whitt
If you have had a successful hunt or just want to tell us about your hunting experiences, send them and I will put them on our site. Either a story or photos.
If you prefer send them to publications manager Chris Thulien and he can put them in the Badger State.
The links to hunting information are below. This information is also in the "Badger State Muzzle Loader" publication. If there are any questions contact Harley Whitt head of the hunting committee.
State guidelines and rules
To register your trophy, deer, bear, goose, or turkey, use this form.
To register your predator use this form.
Boone and Crockett scoring rules:
Typical Whitetail
Non-Typical Whitetail

Gary Marciniak had a great hunting season. Congratulations Gary on a fine harvest.

2019 CVCC Muzzleloaders Winter Pheasant Hunt at Badgerland 1/5/19
The Coon Valley Conservation Club Muzzle loaders had a wonderful day for their winter hunt. The temperature was pleasant and the conditions were fantastic. They hunted both pheasants and chukar. Corky was their guide and her dog Jaeger found the birds. Sometimes we had to wait until the smoke cleared to see the results of the shooting. It was another fun day at Badgerland Pheasant Farm with a great group of hunters.  (*CVCC Muzzleloaders – “Thanks Corky and Gerry for hosting another great hunt!”)


Wisconsin Muzzle Loading Association

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Coon Valley Muzzleloaders Winter Pheasant Hunt held at the Badgerland Pheasant Farm on Sat. Jan. 4th.
Pictured are Royce, Dick, Jim and Joe & Ruby.  There was a second group of 5 that left early prior to pictures. Gerry and Corky were again great hosts, the birds were great flyers but we did manage to bag most of them with the smokepoles.
This was our last hunt at Badgerland as the owners are retiring and closing as of Mar. 15, 2020. 

Coon Valley Conservation Club Winter 2021 Bird Hunt
The CVCC muzzleloaders had another successful winter pheasant hunt this past Saturday at the Ridgetop Pheasant Farm.  6 of us hunted with trade guns and side by sides in beautiful weather.
The owners again were great hosts and invited us back with our muzzleloader shotguns to try out the new sporting clays course they plan to put in as soon as the weather allows.  Hunters were Royce, Jim, Dave, Dick, Joe and Brian.