Wall tent by Spring Valley Lodges, 9' x 12' x 7' with 4' side walls and hole for chimney pipe. All poles ​(uprights, ridge, side poles, etc.), ropes, stakes and roll out floor also included. This wall tent is in very good condition and ready to go. $475.00

A 2Dog wood stove, (2' long x 1' wide x 1' high) with add on extended legs. Also included side warming shelves, chimney pipes and iron pipe support bracket. $75.00

Prices firm. If interested contact Ed at: 608-290-3627 

I have for sale most all the parts to build a half stock Hawken rifle. This was a gun I took on trade for some work. Pretty badly assembled so I broke it down to parts. Cleaned them all up. There are some holes drilled and tapped in the parts like the lock plate (one lock bolt hole) and the trigger guard. (two holes) Can be easily plugged. Lock is an L&R, triggers are Ron Long and the barrel is unknown. Caliber 58, 36 inches long, 1 1/8" across the flats straight. Some pitting down in the breech area but rest of the rifling is good enough to use. Personally, I would shorten the barrel about 2" from the breech end and rethread it. Includes extra two nose caps, cap box, original set of rectangular escutcheons, and long bar sight and regular sight. Also walnut stock blank. You will have to find some small screws for the toe plate and the escutcheons.
Asking $435.00 for all these parts, shipping included.
If you have any questions email at jmeili@rocketmail.com or call 608-576-7779

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Shotgun #3 
Navy Arms
Fab Armi F.LLI Pietta 
Gussago B5. Italy
10 Ga.double barrel


Rifle #1 (labeled and one unlabled)
Thompson Center
54 Cal Renegade
Price $325.00



Muzzleloaders for sale

if interested contact Don at: 608-756-0495

or 608-373-0314

Rifle #2 (labled)
54 cal 
Price $285.00

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