Wisconsin Muzzle Loading Association

​"To Preserve and Promote Muzzleloading Heritage"

Upcoming Events:

Apr 18    Beloit Black Powder Lodge monthly shoot-see flyer

Apr 24     Phil Siehr 3 Man Team shoot, lunch and WMLA annual quarterly meeting - see flyer​

May 15    Beloit Black Powder Lodge-Moon Light Chunk Gun Shoot, starts at 3:00PM


​Apr 18     Beloit Black Powder Lodge monthly shoot-see flyer

Apr 24     Phil Siehr 3 Man Team shoot, lunch and WMLA annual quarterly meeting - see flyer

May 15    Beloit Black Powder Lodge-Moon Light Chunk Gun Shoot, starts at 3:00PM 

May 16    Beloit Black Powder Lodge monthly shoot

Jun 26     Beloit Black Powder Lodge-Sanctioned "Wisconsin Sgt Alvin C. York Shoot" Chunk gun Match

Jul 16-18 Beloit Black Powder Lodge-WMLA Sanctioned Buffalo Shoot, Program "A"   

The WMLA has representatives throughout the state. If there are any questions about the association or black powder shooting please feel free to contact one of these reps.
Contact information:

"Coon Valley Conservation Club Winter Pheasant Hunt"

Welcome to the Wisconsin Muzzle Loading Association
The association was started in 1982 by a dedicated group of individuals who envisioned a need to keep the black powder tradition alive. Thirty seven years later the association is still going strong and groups through out the state gather to shoot matches or celebrate the traditions of the rendevous.

If you are a member, thank you for your support. If you are not, come out and join us at an event or better yet become a member. We are always happy to see new faces.

Membership page for contact information and a membership form.

Please consider becoming a member or keeping up your membership,
the association can use you.

Final Big Game report and up to date 2020 BigGame report

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​Abridged minutes for the October, 2020 quarterly meeting are posted on the President"s page.

​​One way to support muzzle loading is to join the 
"National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association"

Special Message from President Mark Conklin

Late yesterday, it was determined that due to an electronic transmission glitch back on March 5th, not sure yet exactly what happened, the 2021 Spring Issue # 152 Badger State Muzzleloader was not transmitted to the printer. The materials have since been received and the printer will knock it out.
I have attached the Phil Siehr Memorial 3 Person Team Shoot flyer for your use.
I'll let you know when printing has been completed and evaluate the postage issue to expedite mailing.
Thank you for your time.

Along with the 3-Man Team Shoot on April 24th there will be a free lunch before the annual spring meeting.

Rick Hotz will be presenting the 2020 Annual Shooting awards.

Below is a link to the agenda of association business to be discussed.


3-Man Team Shoot

 WMLA Demonstration Presentation Application

Over the past months there has been several requests to the WMLA to do demonstrations. As an organization we want to provide these but under certain conditions due mostly to timing constraints we are unable to take these tasks on. Therefore in the future we are asking groups to fill out a request form and present it to us. Following is a printable copy of this form with information on where to send it. We deeply appreciate these requests and want to keep the spirit of muzzle loading alive.

 WMLA Demonstration Presentation Application: