Welcome to the Wisconsin Muzzle Loading Association
The association was started in 1982 by a dedicated group of individuals who envisioned a need to keep the black powder tradition alive. Thirty five years later the association is still going strong and groups through out the state gather to shoot matches or celebrate the traditions of the rendevous.

If you are a member, thank you for your support. If you are not, come out and join us at an event or better yet become a member. We are always happy to see new faces.

Membership page for contact information and a membership form.

Please consider becoming a member or keeping up your membership,
the association can use you.

Important: Please Read

​Hunting chairman Harley Whitt wants to remind all hunters they have 60 days after the close of the season to submit any harvest entries.

The new association mission statement is:

To preserve and promote muzzle loading heritage

Take the one shot challenge

will remain the association slogan.

Wisconsin Muzzzle Loading Association, Inc.

6108 Woods Crossing McFarland WI 53558 US 

Phone:     +1.6085767779

E-mail: jmeili@rocketmail.com

The WMLA recently had our booth set up at the 2017 Deer and Turkey Classic in Madison. It was a success and a fun time for those that worked. We had many folks stop by to chat. Thanks to Dwight Claggett for organizing the setup and Chuck Baum, Charlie Brown, Mark Conklin, Don Ellis, Gary Gade, Jerry Gosda, Gary and Lori Lang, Ed Lange, Gary Marciniak and Jim Meili for giving their weekend in support. See photos 

April 22nd CVCC-WMLA Phil Siehr Team Shoot Winners
At the Coon Valley Conservation Club

Team Winners (9 Teams Competing):
   First Place -  Score of 132  -  Gary Kleist, Jim Chapman, Russel Schultz
   Second Place - Score of 131 2x - Rick Hotz, Norman Hotz, Lee Zeddies (Based on 2nd Level Tie Breaker - Best shot groupings)
   Third Place -  Score of 131 2x - Aaron Yetter, Dan Mattson, Gary Lang

Individual Winners:
   25 yards -  First Place - Score of 49 - 2x   Rick Hotz
                   Second Place - Score of 49 - 1x  Jim Chapman  (Based on 2nd Level Tie Breaker)
                   Third Place - Score of 49 - 1x   Dan Mattson

50 yards -  First Place - Score of 46   Norman Hotz
                   Second Place - Score of 44   Russel Schultz (Based on 2nd Level Tie Breaker)
                   Third Place - Score of 44   Bob Navrastad

100 Yards -  First Place - Score of 42 - 1x   Aaron Yetter
                     Second Place - Score of 39   Gary Kleist
                     Third Place - Score of 36   Lee Zeddies

Wisconsin Muzzle Loading Association

                                        2017 Calendar


                  Beloit Rifle Club/Black Powder Lodge 2017 events...see list

                  Coon Valley Muzzle Loaders , 2017 events...see list

                              Fox Valley Muzzleloaders, 2017 events...see list

                   Rock River Buckskinners, 2017 events...see list

                   Print a schedule of upcoming events...see schedule


May 26-28 Rock River Buckskinners Spring Rendezvous, 9am - 5pm - see flyer

Jun 3         Hope Rod and Gun Club, WMLA Sanctioned Skeet Shoot, 9am - 3pm

Jun 9-11    Rock Run Longrifles, WMLA Program "A" Sanctioned Shoot - see flyer

Jun 24       "11th Annual Coon Creek Rendezvous" - 1:00 PM - patched RB only

Jun 24       Beloit Rifle Club/Black Powder Lodge, Sgt York WMLA Sanctioned Log Shoot.

                  Starts at 10:00am.

Jul 1-2      Reedsburg Outdoor Club black powder shoot and camp - see flyer

Jul 8         WMLA Summer Quarterly Meeting - Badger Den at the Mckensie Center, Poynette

Jul 14-16   WMLA sanctioned "Buffalo Shoot", Program "A", Black Powder Lodge, Beloit

Jul 15        "Heat in the Valley" ML Trap/ Silhouette Rifle Shoot - 1 PM, Coon Valley

Jul 22       Rock River Buckskinners Log Shoot, starts 9pm - see flyer

Jul 20-23  Heritage Farm Park, Cleremont, IA - non shooting camp. 20 min west of Prairie

                 see flyer

Jul 23       Rock River Buckskinners Hunter's Match - see flyer

Aug 5        Shotgun Trap Shoot, WMLA sanctioned, Black Powder Lodge, Beloit

Aug 19      14th Annual "Smoke in the Valley" Shoot, Coon Valley - 1 PM

Aug 19       Rock Run Longrifles, WMLA Sanctioned (Jim Towne) Log Shoot

Aug 20       Gus More Memorial Sporting Clays Shoot-Rock Run Longrifles - see flyer

Sep 8-10   Rock River Buckskinners Fall Meat Shoot and Rendezvous - see flyer

Sep 16       "Lou Braggo Chunk Gun Shoot", WMLA sanctioned, Black Powder Lodge

                  Starts 10:00 AM

Sep 17       WMLA Sanctioned "Hunter's Match", Beloit Black Powder Lodge

Sep 15-17  Fall CVCC Muzzle Loaders Weekend, Coon Valley - Sat, 1PM Rifle Shoot

Sep 17       7th Annual "Muzzle Loader Pheasant Hunt", Badgerland Pheasant Farm, Westby

Oct 1          Hope Rod and Gun Club, WMLA Sanctioned Trap Shoot, 9am - 3pm

Oct 7-9       FVML Fall Capote Classic Rendezvous, early setup 5th and 6th - see flyer

Oct 7          Rock Run Longrifles, WMLA Sanctioned Log Shoot

Oct 8          Rock Run Longrifles, WMLA Program "B" Sanctioned Shoot

Oct 14       WMLA Fall Quarterly Meeting - Badger Den at the Mckensie Center, Poynette

Oct 28       "Ed LaCrone's Turkey Shoot", WMLA Prog "B" sanctioned, Beloit

Dec 9       FVML Sportsman's Rummage Sale, Monarch Gardens, Appleton - see flyer

Dec 16      WMLA Sanctioned "Frost on the Lodge Shoot", Prog "B", Beloit

2018 Calendar

Jan 13       WMLA Winter Quarterly Meeting - Badger Den at the Mckensie Center, Poynette

The WMLA has representatives throughout the state. If there are any questions about the association or black powder shooting please feel free to contact one of these reps.
Contact information:

One way to support muzzle loading is to join the 
"National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association"


   On May 17th & 18th 14 members of the WMLA were at the Mackenzie Center in Poynette, WI to help with Outdoor Heritage Days for school students. Our camp consisted of lodges with each member demonstrating what we do in wood craft, lead ball making, furs, a weapons display, hawk throwing, rope making. and also a shooting demonstration.
   About 2,500 students came through the area. A lot of questions were asked and answered. the entire program went very well and a lot of compliments were received.
   I want to thank all that made this possible, Russ Hotz, Ken Hotz, Kari Wojeik, Rick Hotz, Gary Lang, Mark Conklin, Charlie Brown, Duane Heim, Gary Marciniak, Richard Lyons, Jim Meili, Chuck Baum, Rick Ellis.
  The set up of the camp was very well done.
   Don Ellis

​​ Upcoming Events

May 26th to 28th 

May 26-28 Rock River Buckskinners Spring Rendezvous, 9am - 5pm - see flyer


See the FOR SALE or WANTED page.

There are a number of instances where members of the association do not have up to date contact information. This is often with life members.  The chairman of the membership committee, Charlie Brown, is asking that if any association members know of anyone who may have moved away or not updated this information, please contact him. A Badger State Quarterly, that has been returned as undeliverable, will not be mailed again to an old address. See membership page